Kreuzgelenk (Reinorange) by Carsten Becker


Carsten Becker
Kreuzgelenk (Reinorange)
archival pigment print
23 1/4 x 33 inches


Becker researches the German DIN catalogue of industrial standards and the RAL color collection that standardize machine parts, materials, and colors since 1917 and 1925, respectively. Seemingly aiming at economic efficiency only, both DIN and RAL did have a great impact on the two World Wars. In times of war, when resources are scarce, standard parts provide advantages in both production and time.

Standardized colors, like Dunkelgelb (Dark yellow), introduced in the German armed forces in 1943, and Olive Drab, the camouflage color of the U.S. Army, shaped the war. During World War II, soldiers disguised in this way were facing each other in the deserts of Northern Africa.