by Maria Agureeva


c-print, plastic, frame
10 x 10 x 2 inches

Edition 1 of 3


“My main focus as an artist is to show how the body becomes a hybrid space where the materiality of human flesh is connected with individual consciousness and identity. This is driven by the shared desire to alter ourselves to escape social pressure, and by an even greater desire to discover our true shape and inner authenticity.

In my artwork I focus on the tension between what is considered real versus subjective in relation to the human body. I explore social norms of clichéd attractiveness, which pushes us to polish our own image just as people polish billions of images on the Internet. There is an inherent conflict between the natural traits of our appearance, imposed artificial standards and our willingness to confront them with absolute truth. This dynamic pushes me to investigate the boundaries behind which the body becomes an object like any other.

I often work with synthetic materials as they provide a reference to my themes of physicality, moving between authenticity and artifice. My artwork stresses the point that body transformation is self referential, archetypal and tribal, now becoming a form of modern secular religion. It leads me to explore the boundaries behind which the body ultimately becomes an object like any other.

I currently am concerned and working with the interaction of the human body and the environment, which I deeply feel is inextricably tied together as one ecology, one synergistic union. Humankind, and artists especially, can no longer turn a blind eye on this problem because of how acutely we have all begun to feel the influence of Nature’s changes upon all of us.”


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Dimensions 12 x 12 x 3 in