Andrew Murray: Fire Island (clip), 2022, 1:30 digital video


Noysky Projects has partnered with the curators of High Beams (Los Angeles) and Hyperlink (Denver) for HB6: Convoy, the latest in a series of nomadic outdoor exhibitions, slated for the evening of Aug. 20, 2022, at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. The exhibition features over 50 artists from around the West, Midwest, and California.

For the sixth installment, Noysky Projects will be taking the show on the road and traveling to Denver, along with several other collectives from around the Midwest and the South, partaking in their own classic American road trip that is one-part logistical, one-part performance, and one-part party, that traverses the interstate system from points around the country.

Situated on the campus of the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, HB6: Convoy showcases a series of experimental works that include sculpture, video, performance, painting, and new media that respond to the site of the former tuberculosis sanitarium.

Examples of work include a film by Andrew Murray, showing various in situ installations that he fabricated from materials found on hikes and campsites along his trip to Colorado; a new media sculpture by Sean Noyce, which evokes the spirits of the artist’s paternal Mormon ancestors in Utah; and soft sculpture installations by Katya Usvitsky, whose work explores materials used by the feminine body that constrict, bulge, and constrain.


Katya Usvitsky: A Bad Case of the Morbs, 2022, nylon and fiberfill, 17 x 9 x 5 inches


Andrew Murray: Fire Island, 2022, digital video



Andrew Murray: Bridge, 2022, digital video

Sean Noyce: Portal (2), 2020, digital projection, digital audio, custom code, wood, mylar, sand, flowers, and salt, 72 x 72 x 85 inches


Katya Usvitsky: A Bad Case of the Morbs, 2022, nylon and fiberfill, dimensions variable


About High Beams

High Beams is a series of outdoor exhibitions that began in September 2020 on the rooftop of a parking garage in Los Angeles’ Fashion District. The exhibitions function as COVID-safe outdoor events, coinciding with Bendix Building’s first virtual Saturday programming of events, walk throughs, and artists talks. Guests can browse the directory to view what each physical space is doing, culminating their evening by “driving through” a curated collection of artist-run establishments from the Bendix Building and beyond.


More Information

On view: Aug. 20, 2022, 5-9pm
Location:  Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design
1600 Pierce St., Lakewood, CO