The Origin of Species

The Origin of Species

Nov. 4- Dec. 3, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, Nov. 4, 2016, 6 – 9pm

Omar Pimienta: Pasaporte Libre (Free Citizenship), mixed media passports, dimensions variable, 2012. Visitors are encouraged to bring their expired passports to participate in this project.

Ten immigrant artists share their personal experiences in The Origin of Species, an interdisciplinary art show at Noysky Projects in Los Angeles. 

In the current political climate, immigration has been a controversial and often misrepresented issue. The concept of immigration remains a label used to describe the others. In political demagoguery, immigration has been reduced to statistics, economic threats, and Manichean stereotypes. Immigrants have become a rhetorical tool used by politicians in order to gain popularity among American voters.  Yet these definitions are limited, and fail to capture the sensible human experience of immigrants; their voices are completely muted in these public debates. Immigrants are relegated to the shadows, forced to submit to the whims of those in power.

In response to this, The Origin of Species connects individual anecdotes of ten immigrant artists, weaving them into a collective voice that reclaims the human struggle behind the immigrant experience. The exhibit takes an alternative perspective on a phenomenon that is rarely explored in Los Angeles art scene. Through drawing, photography, ceramics, video, and performance, the exhibition illustrates personal struggles dealing with cultural identity, social acceptance, legal limitations, expected gender roles, and discrimination. The Origin of Species attests to immigrants reclaiming their right to represent themselves and their stories.

The work of these artists will come together in a gallery space that is itself the result of a collaboration between a native and an immigrant—artists Sean Noyce and Katya Usvitsky.

Artists: Melika Abikenari (Iran); Damir Avdagic (Bosnia/Norway); Jackie Castillo (Mexico/USA); Saba Hakimi (Iran); Beliz Iristay (Turkey); Shoshi Kanokohata (Japan); Omar Pimienta (Mexico); Marisol Rendón (Colombia); Eunhae Grace Yoo (South Korea); Barak Zemer (Israel)

Curator: Marco Hermosillo (Mexico)

Associate Curator: Lili Abdel-Ghany

More info: The opening reception for The Origin of Species takes place at Noysky Projects, 6727 7⁄8 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA from 6 PM – 9 PM on Friday, November 4th.

Contact: Marco Hermosillo (curator); Sean Noyce (director); Katya Usvitsky (director)

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BARAK ZEMER: Bologna, inkjet print, 35″ x 44″, 2016






SABA HAKIMI: Memory Overload, marker and paint on plywood, 10″ x 10″ x 32″ (each), 2016


Damir Avdagic

DAMIR AVDAGIC: Citanje (Reading), video, 35″ x 35″, 2014


Eunhae Grace Yoo

EUNHAE GRACE YOO: Dream Act, Fabric, dye, eggshells, 68″ x 102″, 2015


MELIKA ABIKENARI: "The Home That Still Gives You Comfort Because of Its Familiarity", performance installation, mixed media, 2016

MELIKA ABIKENARI: The Home That Still Gives You Comfort Because of Its Familiarity, performance installation, mixed media, 2016


SHOSHI KANOKOHATA: "Untitled Composition", 18" x 15" x 8", ceramic, 2015

SHOSHI KANOKOHATA: Untitled Composition, ceramic, 18″ x 15″ x 8″, 2015


SHOSHI KANOKOHATA: "Vessel for 5" x 7", ceramic, 2016

SHOSHI KANOKOHATA: Vessel for 3, ceramic,  5″ x 7″, 2016


SHOSHI KANOKOHATA: "Urn", 13.5" x 9", ceramic, 2014

SHOSHI KANOKOHATA: Urn, ceramic, 13.5″ x 9″, 2014


MARISOL RENDÓN: "Leftover From a Dreamer", 26" x 26", charcoal on paper, 2009

MARISOL RENDÓN: Leftover From a Dreamer, 26″ x 26″, charcoal on paper, 2009


MARISOL RENDÓN: "Inconvenient Space" 26" x 26", charcoal on paper, 2009

MARISOL RENDÓN: Inconvenient Space, 26″ x 26″, charcoal on paper, 2009