Transtemporal Materialities

ON VIEW: July 9–16, 2023

Foreground: Eliska Kovacikova, Distant Connection, 2023, and Malin Neuman, In my dreams I have built empires, 2023


Transtemporal Materialities is a collective exhibition presenting six Stockholm-based artists whose work reflects on the notion of time from diverse perspectives.

In collaboration with hosts Noysky Projects and GAIT (Los Angeles), along with exhibitors Detroit Stockholm, Transtemporal Materialities is part of ScandiLA, a cultural exchange between Los Angeles- and Swedish-based artist-run spaces.

Time, as an indefinite continued progress of existence, carries a diverse significance for us all. In this exhibition, it serves as a point that binds us while simultaneously distinguishing us; it creates a transitional connection; it forms a common ground where diverse artistic backgrounds can meet and interact; it creates a territory where the boundaries become blurred; it becomes a neutral space for creation. With an experimental approach, each exhibiting artist focuses on the notion of time — both formally and conceptually — with a goal to create a site-specific exhibition that balances diverse art practices while forming a space where the borderline of authorship becomes as abstract as time itself.

The artworks created for this exhibition may vary in media and technique, but they hold a common ground: they all demonstrate Transtemporal Materialities. Works presented include an installation that is transformed by light and shadow; a struggle between the inner and outer world of an artist; an exploration of Scandinavian darkness and the thirst for sunlight; a notion of becoming “the real you” that is enhanced with time; and exploring the connections between leisure, manual labor, and artistic practice.


Installation Images

From left, Malin Neuman, and Charlotta Hayes


David Öqvist, from left, The meadow, Albert Engströms ateljé, Skagen , Old town magpie, 2023, ink on paper, 16 x 20 inches


Eliska Kovacikova, Distant Connection (detail), 2023, black cord, silicone, video, 80 x 70 x 10 inches


Paula Elion, Perpetuation 2, 2023, dried flowers, readymade, varnish, paint, 9 x 6 x 1 in


Martin LundbergHi-Viz-Dumb-Ass & Stupid as a painter, 2023, hi-viz vests with vinyl print, acrylic on acetate, dimensions variable


Charlotta Hayes, Hooray for Hollywood/Time for Karen, 2023, part I : Single channel video, 2 min., part II : Laser print on foamcore, 8.5 x 11 in, part III: Acrylic on domino tiles, Dimensions variable


David Öqvist, from left, The meadow, Albert Engströms ateljé, Skagen , Old town magpie, 2023, ink on paper, 16 x 20 in


From left, Eliska Kovacikova, Paula Elion, and Malin Neuman


Malin Neuman, Sovmorgon (Sleep-in), 2023, cross stitch embroidery on aida fabric, 13 x 25 inches


Paula ElionSky’s first horse, 2023, flower paper, acrylic paint, 60 x 30 in


Paula Elion, Fragile ornament, 2023, handmade textile, readymade, rose, varnish, 9 x 9 x ¾ in


Charlotta Hayes, Hooray for Hollywood/Time for Karen, 2023, part II : Laser print on foamcore, 8.5 x 11 in, part III: Acrylic on domino tiles, dimensions variable



About the artists

Paula Elion is an Argentine-Israeli artist based in Stockholm. She explores the mediums of painting, drawing, and sculpture, while using old books, flowers, dolls, wood, and other found objects. Her work deals with a wide range of topics that connect personal and socio-political aspects. The work is often based on images from social media and her own family albums, exploring universal conflicts and questions. Paula was the recipient of the Ministry of Culture 2019 prize for independent artists.

Charlotta Hayes is a Swedish artist and filmmaker based in Stockholm. She is currently writing the script of her debut feature film “Don’t make it easy”, produced by the Stockholm- and Edinburgh-based film production company Sisyfos film. “Don’t make it easy” tells the untold story of the gifted yet misunderstood American folk/blues singer Karen Dalton and her struggle to hang on to her dreams when the folk scene that used to celebrate her is no longer her home and the music industry has lost its faith in her.

Eliska Kovacikova is a Slovakian-born, Stockholm-based visual artist, focusing on the theme of space analysis, aiming to scrutinize it and unfold its layers in various ways to unexpectable visions. Her artistic practice encompasses printmaking, drawing, sculpture and large-scale site-specific installations.

Martin Lundberg, born 1981, Stockholm. Martin received a BFA in 2013 from Koninklijke Academie Voor Beeldende Kunst, Den Haag, NL. His works are physical objects that have an active role in space. His work draws upon history, philosophy, technology and low-brow culture, while claiming abject silliness and absurdity to the work.

Malin Neuman has studied art at various universities including Zurich University of the Arts from which she holds an MA in Fine Arts. Her artistic practice spans a wide range of materials and techniques such as textile, video, and sculpture. She often works with subjects related to language, gender, embodiment of space and spatial power dynamics.

David Öqvist combines traditional ink and wash painting, impressionism and Franco‐Belgian comics, while aiming to create playful ink and wash paintings showing unique and memorable moments in a modern setting. The goal is never to reproduce the appearance of a subject but to capture its essence.

About Detroit Stockholm

Detroit Stockholm is a studio collective and artist-run gallery for artists from various disciplines. Founded more than a decade ago and is today run by its 23 international members, Detroit Stockholm’s members work with performance, installation, textile, film, painting and more. The collective’s core values have always been to provide affordable art spaces, with the gallery as a free platform to explore ideas. As a complement to their members’ exhibitions, Detroit Stockholm also invites local and international artists to share their art, projects and workshops. Detroit Stockholm has included art exhibitions, music & art happenings to nomadic performance-art festivals.

About ScandiLA

The ScandiLA project is the first step in connecting the artistic communities of Los Angeles and the Swedish cities of Stockholm and Malmö in an ongoing process to inter-connect artist-run spaces globally. All three cities have a thriving arts community and it is ScandiLA’s mission to create a forum to promote repricicosity amongst the participating spaces. This sharing of concepts and culture will create a unique dialog and create long lasting relationships between ScandiLA’s participating spaces with the goal of creating a larger international platform in which these exchanges can flourish into the future.

 More Information

On view: July 9-16, 2023
Opening reception: Sunday, July 9, 2-5pm
Exhibition hours: Thursday through Sunday 2-5pm, and by appointment
Public transportation: Red Line Metro to Hollywood/Highland. Walk 2 blocks east.
Parking: 2 hour validated parking at Hollywood & Highland Center: 1768 N. Highland Ave ($2); 1520 N. McCadden Pl ($7); or street parking in vicinity ($2 per hour); limited free street parking on McCadden Place between Hollywood Boulevard and Yucca Street, as well as Yucca Street between Highland Avenue and Las Palmas Avenue.