CONTINUANT, an exploration of retaining identity, even though the body’s state and relations may change, closes Feb. 17

Sydney Mills: BRB_TBD_IRL.psd, Digital C-print, 36 x 44 inches, 2017


Organized by independent curator Sacha Baumann, CONTINUANT explores retaining identity, even though the body’s state and relations may change. Los Angeles-based artists Chelle Barbour, Sydney Mills, Jaklin Romine, and Camilla Taylor delve into mutability and adaptation. The sculpture, photography, installation, collage, and printmaking of the exhibition imbue subtle eroticism, trauma, deception, and resilience.

Working in glass, Camilla Taylor’s silent figures grapple with the half truths and poorly remembered events that one uses to establish identity and connect with others. Chelle Barbour’s Afro-surrealism photographic collages set forth irrepressible mutations and reconfigurations of black women that reveal strength, vulnerability, and liberation. Using the aesthetics of advertising, Sydney Mills’ photographs her installations exploring ideas around bodily plasticity. Jaklin Romine’s presentation features her own emotional and physical trauma in a larger-than life work that hovers within the realms of sculpture, photography, and installation.

With emotional resonance, the aesthetic objects in CONTINUANT investigate preserving identity, even while human forms gain, lose, and mutate physically.